NAPCO Webinars

Get Instant Access to Watch Session 1: The Ecosystem

The first in our 3-part series of webinars dedicated to in-building emergency responder radio enhancement systems is available on-demand. 

This is a high-level session discussing:

  • Who and what is driving the use of Signal Boosters as a tool to eliminate coverage holes on Public Safety LMR radio systems?
  • State, Local and National Fire Codes that are requiring the use of “RF radiating devices” to eliminate “radio coverage holes” in buildings.
  • What exactly are these devices and who is responsible for their operation?
  • What exactly does the FCC, the overall governing authority, have to say about the use of the devices?
  • How and why do these devices affect LMR radio systems.
  • Licensees Authority and Responsibility to Part 90 Signal Boosters used on their networks.